New Routes Thailand

Koh Yao Noi Island


The Mitt

Rack: 60 meter rope for routes #1-10. 70 meter rope for routes #11-20. 80 meter route for route #21. Route #13 backclip the two threads with carabiners for lowering off. Up to 16 quickdraws. Tying a knot at the end of the rope (belayer’s end) is highly recommended due to length of the routes!


Routes (right to left)

1.  Guided 5+ (Mark Miner, Alex)

2.  The Cooler 6a (Mark and Heather Miner)

3. Black Widow Arete 6c (Drew Spaulding and Justin Day)

4. So Weak, So Strong 7c (Justin Day, Drew Spaulding, Mark Miner)

5. Loco 7a (Alex, Mark Miner, Justin Day, Drew Spaulding)

6. Spiderman 6c+ (Mark Miner, Drew Spaulding, Justin Day, Alex)

7. Big Cloud Coming 6b+ (Mark Miner, Drew Spaulding, Justin Day, Alex)

8. Daddy Long Legs 6b (Drew Spalding, Mark Miner, Justin Day, Alex)

9. Belly Full 7a+ (Mark Miner, Alex)

10. Tarantula 6c+ (Mark Miner, Drew Spaulding, Alex)

11. White Monkey 7a (Jay Foley, Mark Miner)

12. Monkey Ladder 7a (Mark Miner, Jay Foley)

13. Finger Bang 7b+ (Jay Foley, Mark Miner)

14. Yank the Mank 7a+ (Mark Miner, Jay Foley)

15. Whit Bird 6b+ (Mark Miner, Drew Spaulding, Alex)

16. The Highway 6b (Mark Miner, Drew Spaulding, Alex)

17. Tufa Walker 6b+ (Mark Miner, Drew Spaulding, Alex)

18. The Red Line 7c (T.J., Mark Miner, Alex)

19. Balancing Act 6c+ (Drew Spaulding, Mark Miner, Alex)

20. Mixed Fruit Shake 7a (Mark Miner, Alex)

21. Koh Yao Wild 7a+ (Alex, Mark Miner)