If you are reading this it is probably because I have invaded your space. Sorry, but not sorry!

My name is Haigy, pronounce haaajy. I am a gray/white rag doll cat with blue crossed eyes. I am super friendly, unless I get scared. I love to be scratched around the neck area, but am not big on the belly rub.

Montauk: my Montauk address is 3 hoppin Avenue (Ditch Plains Area). I live here for 3-4months out of the year, (July, Aug, Sept, and Oct) with my two mom’s Donna and Milan, and Grandparents Ro and Fred. They don’t make me stay in the house because I will get stir crazy. My hobbies are chasing mice, and moles. I am also an avid bird watcher.  If I am not hunting, I am sleeping. I am very skilled at both.

Please do not feed me, its a good reason to not go home, and I need to do an afternoon check in. I also have a milk allergy, and do not do well with people food. I am fine with Venison.

Taos, NM: my NM address is 544 Hondo Seco Road (recently renamed 16 Meadowlark lane), Arroyo Seco. If you find me, and I seem far from home, please call my moms. When I stay out late, I hang with the Skunks and my family is not always happy about that.

I am not supposed to go inside people’s homes, but I do sometimes if the door is open. If you didn’t see me, I may be here when you get home. Sometimes I even have a nap. My mom’s worry that I will get stuck in a car one of these days. I’m just so curious. Maybe have a check for me if you left your car door open and saw me close by.

If I do make it into the house, I can be a bad cat, and jump up on your counters or table, and scratch on the furniture. I’m not always the best listener, although I know I’m not supposed to be there, and like a cat, I just don’t really care. I get yelled at a lot at home for this. I’m also a water snob, and will jump on your counter to try to get water out of your faucet instead of drinking out of a bowl. If it has to be on the floor, I actually prefer a glass. I will leave my white hair on everything, just so you won’t forget me.

I’m supposed to be home before dark. If I don’t go home around dusk, I want to stay out all night and party. This upsets my family. I have a tracker on, and my mom will come looking for me if I’m out of calling range. If you are wondering, I love my home, and my family. If I’m bothering you, please give them a call Donna 702-325-1616 or Milan 575-770-0382. They will come get me.


Oh, and my family owns a rock climbing/back country ski guide company in Taos, NM, and Las Vegas, NV. If you are either place, and looking for an adventure, please give them a shout!